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IUBRS, the International University of Bio-Regenerative Sciences, defines Bio-Regenerative Sciences as a branch of Biology that has a vast potential in the area of rendering solutions to improve the overall health of mankind. The all-inclusive nature of biology as science needs more acknowledgment for its branch science; Medicine. As most of us know that ancient healing sciences such as the ancient Indian healing methods, ancient Egyptian healing methods, or ancient Greek healing methods to mention a few, have all contributed to the conventional medicine that we know, recognize and trust as mainstream, allopathy or western medicine. This medicine has for years served us in managing symptomatic treatment alongside preventive medicine as well.

The faculty of IUBRS went a step further to address the need for a higher learning institution to provide a platform to give rise to a niche area such as Bio-Regenerative Sciences to procure an avenue that conventional and mainstream educational institution would otherwise not or explore later to debate, challenge and constructively construct the knowledge body around Bio-Regenerative Sciences. Thanks to the investor-founders who have entrusted this path to the Faculty to deliver this platform to fellow candidates i.e. students of IUBRS, to explore Bio-Regenerative Sciences by abiding by the Competence-Based Education (CBE) framework to evaluate realistic measurable outcome aligned to the students’ goal along with the IUBRS’s BRS development goal.

This platform created to provide learners a competency-based education experience to achieve the institutional and personal goal as follows:

  • To provide a platform for Bio-Regenerative Sciences to acquire a frame enabling learners to explore a self-directed vision in directing knowledge acquisition in the field of Regenerative Medicine.
  • To enable learners to co-develop their competence within the measurable boundaries of the sciences to conceive a knowledge body in their niche area within the Bio-Regenerative Sciences.
  • To allow extensive dialogue to spark and grow between Faculty, fellows, and candidates in the direction of constructing the Bio-Regenerative Sciences content and discipline divisions as a product of interaction and scientific augmentation.

Bio-Regenerative Science

Bio-Regenerative Science (BRS) is an interdisciplinary branch (field) of biological science, that researches and dialogues the application of substances of natural origin, naturally occurring substances and products of biotechnological output, targeting damaged cells, repairing and/or replacing damaged tissues and organs, as well as, acting via the interference and stimulation of biological processes at the cellular level, resulting in biological age reversal, a reversal of pathological mechanisms underlying degeneration and activation of repair pathways.


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