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The University was established in 1983 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to increase the number of highly qualified specialist maritime personnel in countries across the world. With such specialists, international maritime conventions can be implemented for the benefit of the whole global community. Maritime safety can be improved, the marine environment better protected, and international shipping and ports made more efficient. Specialists in developing countries can make sure that economic growth in the maritime field is sustainable, with integrated planning for the oceans allowing each sector to develop without damage to any other.

Beyond these immediate practical aims, the University is a forum for people of many nationalities in both the student body and the faculty to participate in teaching and learning. Our goals are to foster tolerance, to encourage international co-operation, to solve international maritime problems, and to co-ordinate action internationally.

WMU educates people for the benefit of their countries. Our students benefit from the postgraduate maritime education we offer. As WMU graduates, they return to their home countries and, in turn, transfer their newly gained expertise to colleagues, helping their nations to achieve the highest practicable standards in maritime transportation and development.

The University is active across a broad spectrum of postgraduate programmes.

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World Maritime University

The World Maritime University (WMU) was established by the UN’s International Maritime Organization in 1983 and is IMO’s apex institution for postgraduate education and r ... [+]


During the first phase of doctoral studies, candidates complete a research methodology programme and develop their research proposals. At the end of this initial period, the first progression seminar is held, at which candidates each present their research proposals.

Throughout the doctoral programme, further progression seminars are held where the candidates present their work to date and their research plans for the next twelve-month period. After every seminar, the Progression Board meets and considers the candidate’s progress. At this Board meeting, decisions are taken as to whether the candidate is to be permitted to progress to the next stage of the research.

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Sweden Malmö
September 2019
3 - 6 years
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