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The Catholic Theological Faculty (Czech abbr. KTF) was the founding faculty of today’s Charles University in Prague. It was canonically enacted by Pope Clement VI on January 26, 1347. Consequently, it was established by Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV by a royal decree of April 7, 1348. Since that time, its legal existence has been continual. Because of the communist persecution of the Catholic Church, the faculty was removed from the University in 1950. After the Velvet Revolution of 1989, the faculty was reintegrated into Charles University. The Grand Chancellor of the faculty is the Archbishop of Prague.

Academic Departments

  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Dogmatic and Fundamental Theology
  • Department of Theological Ethics and Theology of Spirituality
  • Department of Biblical Sciences
  • Department of Pastoral Theology and Law Sciences
  • Institute of Christian Art

The faculty has experience with both Czech and international scientific grant programmes. In case of interest in the international scientific cooperation with our faculty.

Acta Universitatis Carolinae – Theologica

Acta Universitatis Carolinae – Theologica is one of the theological journals in the Czech Republic, published twice a year. The journal focuses especially on the Czech theological research, and it is open to all the disciplines of Theology, such as fundamental and dogmatic theology, biblical and patristic studies, church history and history of sacred art, ecumenical studies. The papers are published in English, German, French, Italian, Czech and Slovak.

Branches of Study

Catholic Theology

The aim of the MA programme is the study of core subjects, such as Philosophy, Biblical Studies, Systematic and Pastoral Theology. To put the core subjects into practice, they are supplemented by additional subjects, namely, catechetic and pedagogical.

The academic title ThLic. is awarded after the defence of rigorous thesis and passing oral state examination.

The doctoral study prepares the students for independent scientific research of specific theological fields.

Theology for Laics (part time)

The BA programme provides the students with basic knowledge of Catholic Theology, and it also helps with their individual personal development. This branche of study is suitable for everybody interested in the study of theology. The subsequent MA is focused on the development of theological concepts and their applications.

Applied Ethics

This two-year MA programme welcomes the applicants with a BA decree in Theology for Laics or the graduates from other humanistic and social subjects at other faculties. Its aim is to supplement and develop their previous knowledge and put it in ethical context.

History of Christian Arts

The BA programme is focused on the knowledge of history of art in a wider theological, historical and cultural context.

The subsequent MA programme prepares for an independent scientific research and dealing with problems concerning the history of art in the specific perspective of Christian art. The doctoral study prepares the students for an independent scientific research and for an independent creative activity in the area of art of various epochs with a possible emphasis on its connection with Christianity.

History of European Culture

The BA programme consists of four modules: historical, history of art, literary and philosophical-theological. The target of the study is to prepare the students for the occupations which require good knowledge of history, history of art and literature and other similar subjects.

The subsequent MA programme gives an overview of a historical and cultural development, and it simultaneously offers a specialisation in a particular epoch with regard to the variety of individual modules.

Church and General History

The doctoral programme prepares the students for an independent scientific research and creative activity in the area of church and general history. The programme stresses the interconnectivity of individual disciplines, mainly with the history of art and auxiliary sciences of history.

Library and Study

The library is located in the third floor of the building. The study has a capacity of 52 people, offering standard services like printing, CD burning and coping. There are computers and laptop connections at students’ disposal.



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