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21 PhD Programs in Turkey for 2024



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PhD Programs in Turkey

Turkey is a dynamic and interesting country that is in a unique position as a crossroads between east and west and has a long and rich history. Turkey has a myriad of different cultures as well as a mix modernity and ancient in its’ cities. Universities are modern with excellent facilities, many degrees obtained in Turkey are recognized around the globe, and the cost of living and education is lower than many European countries, making a PhD Turkey very popular for international students.

There are several popular fields of study for a PhD Turkey. These include computer science, engineering, architecture, international relations, anthropology, biological sciences, business, economics, and physics, among many others. Candidates for a PhD Turkey will experience rigorous coursework and intensive research on their topic of interest, resulting in the candidate’s original dissertation or thesis that makes a substantial contribution the discipline.

PhD Turkey is a choice for many people seeking an education in a high quality academic institution in an exciting country. Take a look through the options for a PhD Turkey below!