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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 4 Doctors of Philosophy  (PhD) Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management 2023

4 PhD Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management 2023


With a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), a student is immediately recognized as having expertise in his or her area of study, often affording more opportunities in his or her career. A PhD is the highest level of education for most degrees and is available in a variety of fields.

What is a PhD in Tourism and Hospitality Management? This degree provides students with a set of skills needed for management roles within hotels, entertainment venues or resorts. Participants typically learn the fundamentals of tourism and hospitality management including business operations and development, planning events, and food science. Specializing in this degree may set students up for success in an international market for tourism and hospitality, teaching them valuable skills for customer relationships and business practices through research, seminars and networking events.

With a PhD in Tourism and Hospitality Management, students can be equipped with specialized skills that are absolutely necessary for succeeding in the hospitality industry. That includes customer relations, clear and effective communication, and strong business and leadership strategies. An advanced degree in this field may help propel an individual’s career.

Obtaining a PhD in Tourism and Hospitality Management may take up to fives years with the cost varying depending on the institution. It is imperative for an individual to research the program and ensure it is right for his or her goals.

A PhD in Tourism and Hospitality Management places an individual squarely in the hospitality arena, fully capable of leading a team and building up a business. With this degree, an individual may choose to become a catering manager, an event coordinator, a wedding or party planner, a restaurant manager, an accommodation or hotel manager, or even an employee aboard a cruise ship. Another option would be to teach at the university level. This degree may advance an individual’s career in the hospitality industry and opens more doors for his or her career trajectory.

Attaining a PhD in Tourism and Hospitality Management can further your career. To take the next step, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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