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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 8 Doctors of Philosophy  (PhD) Programs in Data Science 2023

8 PhD Programs in Data Science 2023


A Doctor of Philosophy, which is a type of doctoral degree, can be pursued by graduates with a master’s degree. A PhD can focus on any field and usually requires a dissertation. It can take five to six years to complete this course of study.

What is a PhD in Data Science? This type of program is often designed to prepare students to advance the research done in data science. In order to prepare students for this lofty goal, a doctoral program in data science integrates research projects, dissertations and high-level courses. Much of students’ time may be spent doing work on their dissertation, but some courses may also be required. Depending on the school attended, a student might have to take classes such as machine learning and computational statistics, big data, probability and statistics for data science, and inference and representation.

Earning this degree is beneficial because it can give students the research skills needed to make an impact in their field of choice. A PhD could also lead to a higher salary and more job opportunities.

The cost of a PhD can vary greatly from one university to the next. Factors that often affect tuition include the location of the school, the coursework per semester and the duration of the program. Students can get an estimate by contacting the school they want to attend.

Once a student has finished a PhD in Data Science, he or she might be ready for a career at a research institution or in academia. Some students have gone on to become executive managers of data scientists, directors of data engineering, analytics managers and database administrators at companies looking for experts in understanding big data. Previous experience and other education can play a role in the type of job a graduate can get after graduation.

Does this education interest you? Do some research to find a school with a program that fits your needs, and apply. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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