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Universidade Santiago de Compostela PhD in Contemporary History
Universidade Santiago de Compostela

PhD in Contemporary History

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

3 Years

Spanish, Galician

Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 200 / per year



Contemporary History is a fully consolidated area in university teaching and research. Beyond the limits of the Humanities, it also has a growing recognition and notorious interest among scientists and professionals in the macro-scientific-social area. This is because of its ability to explain recent times and, consequently, provide that repository of essential experiences to be able to understand the present and face decision-making, as well as to contribute to forging collective memory, an essential ingredient of social cohesion. Therefore, the significance of Contemporary History in the articulation of current societies is beyond doubt.

Doctors in Contemporary History trained in this Program may be integrated, among other socio-professional sectors, in university education, in public and private research centers, in companies of the cultural industry, in companies or public bodies in charge of heritage management cultural, in companies and institutions of social and prospective analysis or in the media. In all these sectors, at least, they will be able to perform functions at the highest level.

Lines of investigation

  • The State and the public space
  • Identities, nation and nationalism
  • Rural societies, urban societies
  • Cultural history and history of political ideas
  • History of international relations
  • Social change and socioeconomic transformations
  • Historiography and politics of memory

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