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Universidade Santiago de Compostela Doctorate in Renewable Energies and Energy Sustainability
Universidade Santiago de Compostela

Doctorate in Renewable Energies and Energy Sustainability

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

3 Years

Spanish, Galician

Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 200 / per year



Energy is essential for the organization of society, for transportation, to maintain the proper temperature in our homes in winter and summer, and for the operation of industry, farms and offices. In spite of everything, many energy resources are finite and, at higher levels, energy consumption is, in general, a source of pollution.

The sustainability of the natural environment and the need to guarantee security of supply require using less fossil fuels, using them in a smarter way and developing alternatives. This Doctoral Program was born with a deeply interdisciplinary spirit, starting from the collaboration between fourteen departments of this University, one of its basic objectives being the integration of the rest of the departments or institutions that are involved in the field of renewable energies. of our Autonomous Community. The general objectives of this doctorate are to train specialist professionals in the field of renewable energy and sustainability to meet the needs of society in this field. The doctors will be professionals who will be able to exercise both a business and an academic role. At the same time, it is intended to cover the need for specialist researchers in renewable energy and sustainability who can exercise their research role in the field of energy efficiency and different renewable energies. This multidisciplinary preparation focuses in particular on topics such as solar energy, biomass, agro-energy and wind and tidal energy, among others. A global project would be formulated that would include from the technical design of the facilities through realistic process modeling, the return time evaluation, the study of energy efficiency and viability, its energy sustainability and, in the latter case, the construction of an energy system and its subsequent quality control and monitoring.

Lines of investigation

  • Wave, tidal and offshore wind
  • Solar energy and storage systems
  • Distributed energy and sustainable energy applications
  • Characterization and recovery of biofuels and biomass biolubricants
  • Sustainable energy management of agroforestry systems
  • Environmental physics: modeling and study of the dynamics of geophysical systems: atmosphere, ocean, soil-vegetation and ground and surface water

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