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Pražská Mezinárodní Manažerská Škola

Pražská Mezinárodní Manažerská Škola

Pražská Mezinárodní Manažerská Škola


The main mission of the Prague International School of Management is to offer applicants internationally recognized MBA studies that meet the demanding requirements of its level. One of the key factors in a successful business is the quality of management. For many companies, especially with international participation, the MBA degree is a criterion when looking for new managers. MBA programs and courses must therefore always be universal in nature in order to provide education corresponding to top managers able to apply in any field of business. As a result, graduates' assessment of the labor market increases significantly. MBA studies in our country are understood as postgraduate, within the framework of lifelong learning, and must correspond to this with their content, length, professional orientation and pedagogical provision.


  • Prague

    José Martího,407, 162 00, Prague