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NOVA IMS - Information Management School

NOVA IMS - Information Management School

NOVA IMS - Information Management School


As a vital part of Nova University of Lisbon, NOVA IMS proudly boasts three decades in education, research, and value creation. It stands at the forefront of data to create impactful outcomes for society, organizations, and individuals. NOVA IMS focuses on practical applications, ensuring students acquire the knowledge and experience they need to succeed in today's competitive global job market. With a diverse student body from 100 nationalities, we foster a dynamic and globally oriented learning environment. At NOVA IMS innovation meets education for a future-ready experience.

NOVA IMS is the School of Information Management and Data Science of the Nova University of Lisbon. This School was founded in 1989 as a response to the shortage of senior managers specializing in information management, and to the growing need for the use of information technology.

Today NOVA IMS provides education at the highest level to more than 3.800 students including undergraduates, post-graduates, masters, and PhD degree students.

NOVA IMS Strategy

In the medium term, the NOVA IMS strategy focuses on developing and expanding the academic and scientific projects in progress while maintaining its values and strategic guidelines. The set of strategic components regarding medium-term objectives is quite broad. It combines excellence in teaching, learning, and research, strengthening partnerships with society and the business world, improving the quality of students entering our courses, creating a sound and motivating work environment for employees, and, continuing a policy of improving the management of NOVA IMS.


NOVA IMS´s mission is to be a smart and sustainable school that trains the future leaders of a new generation of professionals in the areas of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, providing a high-quality education that unites advanced technical knowledge with an unwavering commitment to sustainable development. Through innovative teaching approaches, cutting-edge research, and multidisciplinary collaborations, we seek to create added value for society by developing tangible and sustainable solutions to real-world challenges.


  • Academic Excellence, through quality teaching and research, provides an environment that stimulates continuous learning, teaching, creativity, and innovation;
  • Social impact through the creation and continued development of an active community that extends beyond the confines of the classroom, where our Alumni assert themselves as agents of change to address and overcome global challenges, creating value and improving the quality of life in their communities;
  • Sustainable Development, by the commitment to integrating the fundamental principles of the SDGs in three pillars of our action: Teaching, Research, and Value Creation;
  • Internationalization, based on the ability to attract talent on a global scale, pursues the school’s affirmation based on the firm principle of preparing our students to successfully meet the challenges of the global market and thrive in it, as ambassadors of the quality of NOVA IMS.


  • Lisbon

    NOVA IMS Universidade NOVA de Lisboa Campus de Campolide Lisboa, Portugal, 1070-312, Lisbon