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Modul University Vienna Ph.D. in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences
Modul University Vienna

Ph.D. in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences

Vienna, Austria

4 Years


Full time

15 Aug 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 6,850 / per semester



The Ph.D. in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences curriculum prepares qualified candidates with state-of-the-art approaches to conducting scholarly and applied research. The program emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to finding solutions to research problems, drawing upon advanced concepts and methods from business management, economics, policy studies, sociology, and philosophy of science. Required foundation courses are taught in theory, methods, and research design.

Program coursework is conducted in English, and candidates are expected to actively participate in teaching or research, publication, and conference activities. Customized research seminars in the candidate’s area of concentration help to familiarize and develop critical understanding in both classical and cutting-edge concepts, theories, models and methods of analysis. After completing a set of core course and a variety of tailor-made seminars, PhD candidates undertake individual, original research on a dissertation topic that will contribute to the advancement of the chosen area of specialization..

Why Should You Choose a Ph.d. In Business and Socioeconomic Sciences?

Modul University Vienna’s Ph.D. in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences is a four-year, full-time doctoral studies program that prepares candidates to contribute to innovative research in industry-related areas of specialization. Based on the unique research orientation of the four Modul University departments, incoming Ph.D. candidates can focus their doctoral studies from among the following concentrations:

  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Sustainable Development
  • Public Governance
  • Service Management
  • Tourism
  • Leisure Science
  • Quality of Life, Well-being & Environmental Psychology

The doctoral program targets those interested in research careers in either higher education or industry and is ideal for prospective candidates already holding a master’s degree (or equivalent) in either business or one of the social sciences.

Academic Community

Modul University Vienna faculty members are selected not only on the basis of scholarly principles, but also because they are excellent teachers, fascinated by their subject, and capable of inspiring students. Faculty are engaged in many activities related to a new form of integrated education - one that is understood as an intertwining of decision-making competence on a professional level and personality development. Members of our academic community are encouraged to adhere to the fundamental educational values of Modul University Vienna. These values are conveyed to students both inside and outside of the classroom through various methods and channels.

Our faculty members are highly respected experts within their local and international professional associations. The international experiences and global networks of faculty advance the university’s research. The promotion of young academics is an essential component of Modul University Vienna's mission and academic outreach. The University orients itself towards scholars and educators interested in long-term academic careers. The success of MU’s internal promotion efforts is reflected in our academic community’s following achievements, namely:

  • The quality of publications
  • The number of acquired research projects, as well as the quantity and quality of contributions by the faculty
  • The quality of independent teaching
  • The promotion of talented young academics
  • The number of transfer achievements for the economy (e.g. industry projects, presentations at business events, other subject-related interest groups)
  • The incorporation in academic and other relevant, non-academic networks
  • Awards and distinctions
  • The active participation in the university’s sustainability process

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