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Charles University Faculty of Arts PhD SLAVIC PHILOLOGIES
Charles University Faculty of Arts


Prague, Czech Republic

4 Years


Full time, Part time

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EUR 2,500 / per year



entrance exam: interview, 1 round.

Content and subject of the entrance exam:

1. Scientific discussion on the presented project of the dissertation work: 0–30 points;

2. Evaluation of the applicant's professional activity and studies to date: 0–15 points;

3. Demonstration of knowledge in the study of scientific literature: 0–15 points.

Thematic areas of dissertation research:

· Paleo-Slavistics. assessment of the applicant's professional activities and studies to date

· Comparative or contrastive Slavic linguistics (in synchronous or diachronic aspects).

· The structure and functioning of the language system of one of the Slavic languages in terms of synchrony or diachrony.

· Stylistics, pragmatics, discursive linguistics and linguistics of the text on the material of the Slavic languages.

· Functioning of national, regional or minor Slavic languages in synchrony or diachrony.

· The linguistic situation in countries with Slavic as the state language or with a Slavic ethnic component or with Slavic as the language of communication.

· Slavic-Slavonic language contact, including translation and activation of Slavic languages as a second (following, foreign).

· Areal study of Slavic-non-Slavic (first of all, Baltic) language contact.

· Typological characteristics of the Slavic languages.

Dissertation projects should be based on an areal, comparative or typological approach with coverage of a broader cultural-historical and socio-political context. The Czech context acts as the main one in terms of the research material and/or the chosen methodology.

The chosen topic must be discussed in advance with the chosen (suggested) supervisor and with the chairman of the relevant scientific council for the specialty. The chairman of the Scientific Council for the specialty "Slavic Philology" is prof. Gana Gladkova, Ph.D., e-mail

[email protected].


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