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Aoyama Business School Ph.D. in Business
Aoyama Business School

Ph.D. in Business

Tokyo, Japan

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Apr 2024

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ABS offers two doctoral courses of study. The Ph.D. program is a unified 5-year full-time doctoral program targeting individuals who hold undergraduate degrees. It aims to cultivate superior academic researchers rich in creativity. In contrast, the DBA program is offered to individuals who have already acquired a master’s degree (e.g., MBA) and follows a curriculum that allows students to acquire a doctoral degree while working. It aims to cultivate researchers who handle practical research issues for corporations, etc.

The quality of research required for the Ph.D. and DBA programs differs. For a Ph.D., candidates must master extensive theory and analytical methodologies and prove their ability to conduct independent research. In contrast, a DBA requires problem-solving ability and perception, and candidates must successfully employ independent insight and analysis tools in practical fields.

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