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Best Doctorate Studies in Architecture Studies in Évora Portugal

In order for the structure and behavior of a new structure to meet technical and aesthetic specifications, the imput of knowledgeable individuals in architecture is needed. This involves creating drawings, taking measurements and occasionally mediating compromises.

"Évora is a city in Portugal that is still rich in its medieval ages especially in its constructions. Hence, the city has many historical sights for tourists to see. It has a single university - the University of Évora. "

Best Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture Studies in Évora in Portugal

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Universidade de Évora

The PhD in Architecture opens a space for training and high-level advanced research aimed not only to those who are in the gym, but also those who exercise professional p ... [+]


The PhD in Architecture opens a training and advanced high-level research and intended not only to those who are in the gym, but also those who exercise professional practice, for whom this course presents the possibility to deepen their knowledge and develop skills in the field of architecture. It integrates the practical design work in architecture as advanced research form, placing it in the context of scientific research. It intends to develop in the current international environment, to ensure the placement of students in competitive global media and provide them with skills comparable to international academic level; provide cross-disciplinary knowledge on conceptual issues, formal and practical with application in research, critical thinking, planning and execution of works having as a framework of areas the landscape, in a comprehensive way, as well as the questions of the nature of built heritage (monumental , industrial, civilian), a more specific way.... [-]

Portugal Evora
October 2019
3 years
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