Our program aims at attracting the very best students in economics and finance. Our commitment is to train our Ph.D. students to become highly qualified independent researchers. Our Ph.D. graduates are familiar with the state-of-the-art of both theoretical and empirical tools in economics and finance. They are able to advance the frontier of research and provide evidence-based policy recommendations.

Nova SBE Ph.D. graduates systematically suit positions in competitive international academia and research institutions. Our students are also prepared to fill top positions in business companies, financial institutions, and governmental organizations.

By choosing our Ph.D. program, you become an important link in an exciting research environment. At Nova SBE, we promote the inclusion of our Ph.D. candidates in the research projects of our faculty, as we believe that the quality of our doctoral training and that of our research are intimately connected.

Nova SBE has a high degree of internationalization that reflects in research publications, co-authorships, and integration in top research networks. In the last five years, the School published 402 papers in international refereed journals plus 33 FT45 articles, in a wide range of subject fields in economics and finance. Nova SBE hosts weekly seminars with invited speakers from North American and European top departments, giving the students the opportunity to interact with active international scholars. The current Nova SBE faculty includes 27 international members, from 15 different nationalities, trained in the very top universities. Nova SBE has a tenure-track system and recruits in the international researcher job market on a systematic basis.

Joining Nova SBE is also a passport to the exciting experience of living in Lisbon, where a fantastic climate intersects unique history and great hospitality.

Academic Structure

The program lasts four years and is designed to take up students after completing a Master of Science or equivalent one-year pre-experience Masters degree in economics, finance, management, and related fields. The first two years constitute the coursework part of the program, while the last two ones are dedicated to research. As of the second year, the students participate and present their research in progress in the weekly Ph.D. Research Workshop. Students are also expected to take part in Nova SBE’s research seminars on a regular basis.

The whole program is delivered in the English language.

Requirements to pass the first year:

  • Completing all courses.
  • ‘PhD Pass’ grade at all three comprehensive exams. Course grades will be taken into account in marginal cases.
  • A passing grade in the Summer paper (supervised and graded by a member of the faculty).

Requirements to pass the second year:

  • Passing all courses.
  • ‘PhD Pass’ grade in the field exam.
  • Attending and participating in the Ph.D. Research Workshop.
  • Attending Nova SBE research seminars.

Note: In the beginning of the second year, students should identify a member of the faculty who agrees to serve as Ph.D. supervisor.

Requirements for the remaining years until the conclusion of the Ph.D.:

  • Attending and participating in the Ph.D. Research Workshop.
  • Attending Nova SBE research seminars.
  • Passing the annual assessment.

The final requirement for the conclusion of the Ph.D.:

Completing three research papers that are (each one) publishable in a reputable international journal.

Students are encouraged to:

  • Present their work at international conferences from the 2nd year of theiPh.D.hD program
  • Attend job market conferences during their last year in the program. Students intending to be on the job market should seek the agreement of their supervisor and inform the Program Director before October of their last year in the program. They should have their packages ready by then. Mock interviews are typically organized in December.
  • Internal funds are available for the above purposes upon recommendation by the supervisor and final approval by the PhD program director.

Applications and Admissions

Applicants should hold a Master’s degree diploma in Economics, Finance, or related fields, and should have a good level of competence in English. If you don’t have a Master’s Degree but expect to obtain it by June 2017, your application for the fellowship can also be considered.

The following documentation is needed:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Transcript of records of undergraduate and graduate degrees with full list of courses and grades. Candidates who have not yet finished their graduate program should provide a certificate of enrolment with, if available, the full list of grades achieved to date;
  • Recommendations in the form of two letters of reference, which should be sent directly by referees (as explained in the Online Application Instructions available at the application platform);
  • Statement of purpose - including areas of interest and potential supervisors;
  • Certificate of results for the GRE (Graduate Records of Examination) or GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Applicants who hold, or will shortly hold, a Nova SBE Master’s degree are not required to submit GRE results;
Program taught in:
  • English

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